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Kut Kwick MegaSlopeMaster Zero Turn Safety Features

All of Kut Kwick’s machines are equipped with features for a safe mowing experience. This makes them the best commercial slope mowers for hills because they offer unmatched operator safety. Let’s take a quick look at the MegaSlopeMaster lawn mower safety features that make it the safest riding mower.

zero turn mower safety tips

The MegaSlopeMaster is designed for an easy, safe exit.

Like all Kut Kwick mowers, the MegaSlopeMaster is designed so the operator is seated at the rear of the machine. MegaSlopeMaster operators work as far as possible from the mower deck and the moving parts of the machine. Should they need to get off the machine, their first step is onto firm ground. Here are the four main safety features every MegaSlopeMaster machine is equipped with:

1. Safety Lanyard

Every MegaSlopeMaster is built with a safety lanyard that doesn’t just stop the engine and deck, but also shuts the machine down and applies brakes when the operator leaves the position at the back of the machine.

2. Out-Front Cutting Deck

The MegaSlopeMaster cuts grass and brush ahead of the operator instead of behind. This ensures there is no need to constantly glance back leading to inattention to obstacles and hazards ahead of the machine. The operator has a commanding view of the cutting area ahead of him, allowing him to see obstacles before it’s too late to avoid them.

3. Ergonomically Positioned

The controls of the MegaSlopeMaster are located where operators are less likely to experience muscle fatigue from repeated motion. The seat of the MegaSlopeMaster tilts up to 30°, so the operator stays upright no matter the orientation of the machine on the slope. Ergonomic design is essential to comfort, and comfort is an essential part of safety. 

4. Komfort Kontrols 

Komfort Kontrols are Kut Kwick’s joystick powered, electronically controlled steering. The joysticks are attached to the arms of the seat so they move with the seat. Separate joystick Komfort Kontrols control each propulsion wheel independently. Operators can make one side of the machine move in reverse and the other side of the machine moves forward to make 0° turns — on up to 40° slopes.

Zero Turn Mower Safety

How They All Fit Together

Let’s consider Kut Kwick General Manager Steven Johnson’s zero turn mower safety tips outlining the best safety practices for operating a large commercial mower safely on a 40° slope. 

  • Just like driving a car, driving a large commercial mower safely on a 40° slope requires you to buckle in. On the Kut Kwick MegaSlopeMaster, you strap yourself in with a four-point harness. You buckle your belt at the beltline. Once you have the straps in the proper position, pull on the straps to your left and right to tighten them up. Then pull on the left and right shoulder straps to tighten up the top part of the harness.
  • Move the controls where they are most comfortable for you, and use the knobs to tighten them in that position.
  • Adjust the tilt ability of the seat to your weight, making the seat harder to tilt if you are heavier and easier to tilt if you are lighter. Having a seat that tilts ensures that you don’t tilt when you are mowing a slope.

Key Takeaways:

Kut Kwick’s steep slope mowers keep their operator’s comfortable no matter where the machine is used. They form a cone of safety around the operator to prevent injuries and avoid the dangers of zero-turn mowers. Every MegaSlopeMaster includes safety features such as:

  • Safety lanyards
  • Out-front cutting deck
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Komfort kontrols  

Best Commercial Mower For Hills

Kut Kwick understands the challenging dynamics of today’s economy, our company has teamed up with its vendors to make the Kut Kwick MegaSlopeMaster mower available at unbeatable pricing. To learn more about our zero turn mower safety features or to get a quote, contact us at Kut Kwick today for more information.

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