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MegaSlopeMaster FAQs

Kut Kwick’s MegaSlopeMaster is a commercial slope mower designed for land clearing on smooth or rough terrain. Given the functionality and high-end design of the MegaSlopeMaster, you may have questions about its capabilities. Below we’ll go through some frequently asked questions regarding the MegaSlopeMaster, and how it operates. 

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Q: What is a slope mower?

A: We design and manufacture heavy-duty slope mowers ideal for commercial or governmental applications. The engine, safety features, and functionality are conducive to mowing steep slopes and various types of vegetation. Each machine has specific benefits, and we are always developing new slope mower capabilities.

Q: What types of blades does the MegaSlopeMaster use?

A: The MegaSlopeMaster is designed to operate on different terrains. For most applications, a 3/8” high-lift blade produces the best results. In areas with heavy dust or chaff, a 3/8” flat blade is recommended. For brush clearing, a heavy-duty 1/2″ blade produces the optimal results.

Q: Can the MegaSlopeMaster really mow slopes at 40 degrees?

A: Yes! The low center of gravity, Yanmar-approved turbo diesel engine, and safety features allow the MegaSlopeMaster to mow up to 35 degrees in its standard configuration. It can mow up to 40 degrees when equipped with our dual drive wheel package.

Q: How fast does this machine go?

A: The MegaSlopeMaster’s 72HP Yanmar turbo diesel engine delivers 10MPH at transport speed and 6MPH at operating/mowing speed. This equates to 4 acres of production per hour.

Q: Is it difficult to operate such a large machine?

A: While the MegaSlopeMaster is the largest ZTR slope mower in the world, it’s designed to be simple and efficient. The Komfort Controls include electric steering, titling operating seat, and true zero-turn operability. Ultimately, these controls make the MegaSlopeMaster easy to use.

Q: What can the MegaSlopeMaster cut?

A: The MegaSlopeMaster has three independent hydraulically driven blades capable of cutting thick grass, weeds, light brush, and occasional saplings up to 2” thick. Speed and conditions impact the functionality of the mower, making it important to gauge the situation for optimal results.

Q: Are zero-turn mowers better on hills?

A: Yes! In fact, the MegaSlopeMaster is the biggest ZTR mower in the world! The MegaSlopeMaster is stable and consistent on hills and its design gives it the added functionality on slopes relative to other mowers on the market. The Komfort Controls, combined with the low center of gravity, make mowing more efficient.

Q: How do you mow steep slopes?

A: There are different methods for mowing steep slopes depending on the conditions and terrain. However, safety should always be a paramount concern. We recommend mowing transversely vs vertically when it comes to slope mowing. Always be sure to manage your speed and be more cautious during damp conditions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Slope mowers are ideal for commercial and governmental applications because they are designed to cut various types of vegetation on rugged terrain.
  • The MegaSlopeMaster can be equipped with high-lift blades, flat blades, and heavy-duty blades.
  • The low center of gravity and Yanmar turbo diesel engine enables the mower to cut on 40-degree slopes.
  • Komfort Controls and effective design make the MegaSlopeMaster easy to use on steep slopes and various types of terrain.
  • The MegaSlopeMaster can cut grass, weeds, light brush, and an occasional sapling up to 2” thick. The conditions on the terrain dictate safe mowing speeds and methods.

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Interested in purchasing a MegaSlopeMaster for your business or government agency? Then, contact Kut Kwick today. We can answer questions about your new slope mower while helping customers get the most out of their purchase. Our machines are well-designed and suitable for commercial or governmental applications. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out for detailed product information.

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