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All Kut Kwick slope mowers are custom engineered for government and large commercial land management needs. Our machines are built to be the very best at their job.

Low Maintenance

Kut Kwick machines are designed to have the Lowest Cost of Lifetime Ownership over any other machine available. Rugged design and reliable performance results in increased productivity.


Kut Kwick machines are built tough and designed to have a long, useful life expectancy. Our machines thrive even with year-round use in the tough conditions of fleet life.

This extra heavy duty diesel brush mower is used to clear densely forested areas including slopes up to 32°. Heavy brush and small trees are quickly turned into clippings that lay flat on the ground. This machine is powered by a 72 HP turbo diesel engine that hydraulically drives skid steered wheels and an 88" cutting deck.

This machine is the big brother of the Super Slope Master. Everything on this machine is larger. The Mega Slope Master is used to cut rough terrain, including heavy grass, light brush, and small saplings on level ground as well as slopes up to 40° when equipped with optional dual drive wheels (otherwise 32°). It is equipped with a 72 HP turbo diesel engine that hydraulically powers skid steered drive wheels and an 88" cutting deck.


For more than 75 years, we’ve been fueled by a constant drive to improve and a dedication to taking care of this land we call home. It’s why professionals consistently turn to Kut Kwick slope mowers to achieve their goals. Designed for exceptional comfort and built with rock-solid dependability, Kut Kwick makes sure you get the job done right—and quick—acre after beautiful acre.