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SuperSlopeMaster SuperSlopeMaster
Slope mowing 0° to 40° (84% grade)Read More
BrushMaster BrushMaster
Remove underbrush and trees up to 4" in diameter

Reduces undergrowth into small cuttings

Does not damage the environmentRead More

MegaSlopeMaster MegaSlopeMaster
The largest zero-turn-radius (ZTR) steep

slope mower manufactured in the

world Read More

FireMaster FireMaster
The most attractive and cost effective

slope mower manufactured

for dealing with fire containment Read More


Steep Slope Mowing Machines

Super Slope Master

Cuts grass and light brush on level ground as well as steep slopes up to 40°, This zero turn radius machine can trim around objects and turn 180° without leaving the slope. It is equipped with a 38 HP diesel engine that hydraulically powers dual skid steered drive wheels and a 72" cutting deck.

Mega Slope Master

The big brother of the SuperSlopeMaster. Everything on this machine is larger. The MegaSlopeMaster is used to cut rough terrain, including heavy grass, light brush, and small saplings on level ground as well as slopes up to 32°. It is equipped with a 83 HP diesel engine that hydraulically powers skid steered drive wheels and a 88" cutting deck.


Land Clearing Slope Machines


This extra heavy duty diesel tractor is used to clear densely forested areas including slopes up to 32°. Heavy brush and small trees are quickly turned into clippings that lay flat on the ground. Powered by a 83 HP diesel engine that hydraulically drives skid steered wheels and a 88" cutting deck.

Fire Master

This machine is an adaptation of the BrushMaster that includes the features suggested by fire fighting professionals for forest fire mitigation. The machine reduces all undergrowth to small cuttings that lay flat on the ground where they cannot burn because they are deprived of oxygen.

Specially Designed

The Kut Kwick series of commercial mowing machines are designed especially for governmental and large commercial land management needs.

On average, 80% of Kut Kwick purchases are from repeat customers.

Low Maintenance

Our machines are built to run all day, everyday with minimum downtime and at the lowest possible maintenance and operational cost.

The machines are built to be easily maintained, normally by operational personnel with only occasional help from a mechanic.

Extra Heavy Duty

The machines are very heavily built. All of the Kut Kwick models were designed with the lowest possible center of gravity so that they operate on very steep slopes.

Our products are expected to take the abuse from operation in perhaps the most unfriendly of environments where they encounter steel parts, rocks, and even concrete formations.

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