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Super Slope Master SSM-T4E

Commercial Land Clearing Slope Mower

When it comes to extra heavy-duty, commercial steep slope mowers, the SuperSlopeMaster is in a class all its own. Capable of mowing slopes up to 40°. it is the #1 commercial land clearing steep slope mower on the market.

All the Power You Need

The SuperSlopeMaster has a powerful 36 HP Yanmar diesel engine and 1/4" steel deck, with three 3/8" cutting blades. Additionally, this heavy-duty steep slope mower is designed to cut rough terrain, including heavy grass, weeds, and occasional low brush.  The skid steering mechanism features twin, closed loop hydraulic systems that offer the superior maneuverability and power that is required to mow steep slopes. In contrast, machines with steering wheels are not as maneuverable and cannot operate safely on steep slopes.

40° Slope Mowing All Day Long

With the ability to transversely cut at a 40° slope, this true zero-turn-radius machine can trim around objects, and mow a swath 72 inches wide without leaving the slope! Therefore, it will cut more area in a fraction of the time compared to other machines – and with maximum safety. For safety, if the operator inadvertently leaves the seat, the mower is immediately braked. Further, the location of the operator's seat is also a safety feature. Additionally, the tilting seat is placed at the rear extremity of the machine, at the farthest point away from moving parts of the engine or cutter deck for easy dismount in an emergency situation. The cutting deck is front mounted, so the operator's eyes are always looking forward. The deck supports the chassis from the front, while pivoting side to side to follow the contours of the turf.

Three Blade Styles

With three different blade types, the SuperSlopeMaster offers maximum versatility as both a rough cut and a finish cut mower. First, the standard flat blades are best for rough mowing. Flat blades allow the most powerful cut in heavy growth. The machine can be quickly converted to the optional high lift blades for finish mowing. Finally, the medium lift blade offers the best of both worlds. For the best results, the deck guards are lowered for maximum lift on the grass, with the added benefit of reduced chance for thrown objects. The standard tractor tread tires can be replaced by the optional turf tread tires when the machine is to be used primarily for finish turf mowing on less steep slopes.


Ability to mow all day without refueling in even the most demanding conditions

Adjustable tilting seat with suspension to keep the operator upright and comfortable

Rear discharge for reduced thrown object risk

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Tip Up Stop to prevent the machine from rolling over backward

ROPS produces “cone of protection” in the unlikely event a machine does roll over sideways

Detailed Specs

All options are factory installed at time of order – except for blades which can be ordered separately

Cutter Assembly: 1/4” thick steel cutting deck.

Cutting Height: 1.5” to 6.5” height adjustment.

Blades: Three, 3/8” thick hardened steel flat blades.

Cut: 72” wide, hydro-static, rear discharge, out-front rotary mower.

Slope : Slope mowing 0° to 40° (84% grade), designed and tested. Has a low center of gravity for safety on the slopes.

Engine : 36 HP Yanmar diesel engine, water cooled.

Cutter Type : Rotary - 19” x 6” puncture proof casters support the cutter deck from the front of the machine.

Diesel Fuel Tanks : 17 gallon dual diesel fuel tanks on the front of the machine away from the operator. The fuel tanks are uniquely designed to eliminate the fuel disruption problem that occurs with steep slope mowing.

ROPS : Four point certified Roll Over Protection System (ROPS) with retractable seat belt.

Speed : 8 mph.

Patented design : For high production, low maintenance, long life, safe steep slope mowing!

Tilting Seat : Seat situated at rear extremity of the machine; manually tilted to allow operator to safely and comfortably operate on steep slopes.

Steering : Skid steered through twin, closed loop hydraulic drive systems.

Maneuverability : True zero-turn-radius (ZTR), without leaving the slopes.

Oil Reservoir : 14 gallon hydraulic reservoir with oil/air separator, to prevent foaming, overheating, and water intrusion from condensation.

Hydraulics: Independently powered hydraulic skid steer wheel drives with hydraulic pumps and motors; hydraulically driven cutter deck.

Machine Weight: 3,420 lbs

Options and Accessories

All options are factory installed at time of order – except for blades which can be ordered separately

High Lift Blades: 3/8” thick.

Medium Lift Blades : 3/8” thick.


Light Kit

Rotary Beacon : in addition to the flashing light included in light kit above.

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